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Proof of Product

Proof of success is in your product. How it looks. How it feels. How it connects to your audience. Your product could be a bar or venue, it could be your wine, your clothing line, your Lavender Farm, your brand, or it could be merchandise that supports your brand or business or in the case of this work showcase, a Rock ‘n’ Roll Themed-Playspace with it’s own band, album and merchandise.

Our Creative Director Owner Designed & Co-Developed This Award-Winning Rock ‘N’ Roll Playspace Beloved by Celebrities & New York City Families.

Frolic! Playspace Brand Development

Frolic! Partners LLC (our Owner was a Partner)

Logo/ Playspace / Merch / Video Wall / All Design Assets

Good Design Sells

The goal with product design is to create product that will resonate in an authentic way to your audience so that it moves the needle for them. When your audience reacts favorably to your well-designed product this will then move the needle in your business. Your product and everything that represents your brand should look and feel authentic to it get that connection. A well-designed product has the power to do just that.

“The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea, rather the idea is a result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea.”


Brand Curation Story

Our Chief Brand Curator, Julia Dawson, (also a former partner in Frolic!) led the charge in creative brand-identity & merch development for this project. From the logo to the carpet design, the interactive VW Bus, character direction for the interactive video wall, to the band logo, t-shirts and album cover for the band’s record as well as all custom-designed parties and favors, every design idea was woven together to create a cohesive brand look and identity. Every detail considered. At The Electric Merch Co., we bring that same level of design insight, brand consideration, & detail to design and curate your product or merch.

Proof of Product

Frolic! opened to much fanfare and quickly became a neighborhood hot spot in the then newly burgeoning hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Highlighted for it’s bright design with paintings by artist, Ryan Cronin ( and for touring a Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle extension for parents and an early music integration for their tots. Frolic! was featured in NY Magazine, Vogue (online edition), Time Out NY Kids, Daily Candy, and more as well as on NY1 News which proved a successful proof of concept.

Brand Extension Story

The 5,000 sq ft below The Little Rock-Its, Frolic! House band, led by Children’s Album Grammy® Winner, Tim Kubart, and was a seasonal “must-see family rock band blowout event at local venues, The Music Hall of Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bowl. With this buzz, Frolic! attracted Artists, Musicians, Actors, and Fashion Designers including Kate Hudson, Matthew Bellamy (Muse), Andy Burrows (Razorlight), Toni Collette, Mara Hoffman, and Amirah Kassam (Flour Shop Founder). Frolic! was licensed by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan as a long-term exhibit.

“You have to recognize that all the good things you get from business come as a result of others, and you need to show your gratitude”


Charitable Contributions

Everything you see here and its success is a result of partnership with amazingly talented humans with whom we will always show gratitude to but especially to the kindness and mentorship of famed business author and philanthropists, Norm and Elaine Brodsky, and the mega-watt talent of PR Guru, Co-Founder, Carey Balogh, of Brand groupies and to all the children that we were inspired to make this for.

Frolic! gave back locally by donating and partnering on events with two amazing Brooklyn-based charities that serve the local underprivileged children and new families in need, Little Essentials and Camp Brooklyn Fund.