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Brand Story

Brooklyn Bowl has been called “Rock and Roll Heaven” by the Village Voice. Known for their groundbreaking music, 16 lanes of bowling, a bar featuring locally-crafted beer and food by the acclaimed Blue Ribbon. They specialize in unforgettable live music experiences and events. Owners, Concert Promoters Peter Shapiro and Charley Ryan tasked us with bringing their Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe into a rollout of a fully-developed merchandise program that would be integrated into each of their locations as well as be able to be replicated for future locations.

Brand Curation-Retail Roll Out

The Bowls LLC (Brooklyn Bowl)

Merchandise development with multi-location rollout

“The collaborative approach to our project, the design expertise, and attention to details made for a successful result that really feels authentic to our aesthetic and our brand.”


Brand Source Material

The venue is decked out in a vintage carnival vibe with a wall full of knockdown punks, a forturne-teller ATM, authentic vintage carnival banners, and the best lighting effects in the business. Every detail has been attended to and it shows in the way it resonates authentically resonates with a “Wow” every time you step through the doors. Our job was to be authentic to this vibe and its details but always be “Rock ‘n’ Roll” in feel with the merch.

Brand Curation Story

We took their arched “Brooklyn Bowl” from the logo and putting their signature distress print from their show posters to it. We followed by taking what we call their “Brand Icons” that make them unique. The red velvet tassled show curtains, the antiqued knock-down punks, the carnival posters, and Zargo, the fortune-telling ATM all were integrated into various designed products for their online store and various locations including their merch shop inside their then newest two-story venue in Las Vegas. Brooklyn Bowl has since expanded to Nashville and Philadelphia with additional locations in works.

“I had always wanted to make gummys in the shape of our knockdown punks for our shows and events, TEMC made that dream come true”


Brand Curation Story (Contd.)

We designed original artwork and developed custom products that include: custom cut-and-sew garments, custom molded keychains, notebooks, a beer glass boxed set, and custom shaped “Knockdown Punk” gummies + packaging and more. We also created the custom-made displays cases and stylized bust forms to fit in and stand out in the venues. Our project together wrapped with us delivering a turn-key “how to” guides on how and where to reorder each style for future locations and delivering photos for their online site by the Premiere Artist + Music Photographer, Brian Friedman (

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